About Kamin Health Urgent Care

Perhaps the formula to your standard, city type, 3 per block Urgent Care Center can be found online. Buy this, order that, add a flashy sign and you are done. What’s lacking is the passion. What’s lacking is the care and creativity without compromise. What’s lacking is the desire to be the absolute best and provide those in medical need superior healthcare in a warm, inviting and calm atmosphere. What’s lacking is Kāmin Health! After decades in the Healthcare industry, the founders of Kāmin Health decided to make Urgent Care their next endeavor. Not viewing this venture as just another group of Urgent Care Centers, they decided to add many elements from their second business in Hospitality and merge almost a century of collective experience into the “Kāmin Health experience.” Who is to say that only a 5-Star Hotel can provide beverage services consisting of fresh gourmet coffee, specialty teas and ice cold beverages? Why are posh and inviting colors and award winning designs reserved only for Resorts and Country Clubs? Aside from providing the very best in medical equipment together with the most dedicated and caring medical and professional staff, we at Kāmin Health, we have broken these boundaries. Large flat panel displays in every room, free high speed Wi-Fi and charging stations for your tablets and phones are not a list of luxury room amenities — rather standard comforts in a Kāmin Health Urgent Care Center. At KāMIN Health’s Urgent Care Centers, we believe quality care shouldn’t stop when your visit ends. Our follow up team of highly trained medical professionals are here to help, whether it be scheduling follow up visits, assisting with referrals, or simply checking in to make sure you are on your way to feeling better.

KāMIN Health is proud to be utilizing Rockaway Home Care as its' in-home testing provider. With Rockaway's proprietary scheduling platform, robust labor force, and strong brand awareness, they were a logical fit to be our community partner. 

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